Get to know your choir!

Did you know that L.O.G.C. is an acronym for the Love of God Choir? Maybe you did! How about this, did you know that LOVE is also an acronym? It stands for:

Living Out the Vision of Evangelization

All in all, our choir’s full name is:

~7:30pm every Tuesday in Rm. 2
~Sundays, 1st week of the month: 10:30am and 12pm
~Sundays, 2nd week of the month: 12pm, or 5pm, or 12pm and 5pm
~Sundays, 3rd/4th week of the month: 12pm
~Sundays, 5th week of the month: maybe 10:30am, 12pm


There are no requirements and you do not have to have experience to join, however you do have to be willing to learn how to sing properly in order to be able to sing at your full and best potential.

If you believe singing is still not your forte, there are other ways to still be part of the choir, such as knowing how to play instruments like the piano or the guitar.

Contact Information
Choir Director: Brian Rivera
[email protected]
Choir Secretary/Publicist: Reigna Rondares
[email protected]